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Matcha for Individuals

opportunity in every chat.

When it comes to connection, you need more signal - less noise.

Professional growth through quality, not quantity.

Matcha helps you have more of the conversations you care about: your business, your side hustles, your interests... whatever!

The whole you
Showcase projects and interests you want to talk about – from your work experience to your passion projects...
Seamless connection
Matcha Connect enables our seamless messaging, scheduling, and video UI.
LinkedIn import
Bring your LinkedIn history over with the click of a button, then customize what you want to show.
Profile analytics
Get insights into who's checking you out - including location, referral source, clicks, and more.
Custom domain
Link any custom domain to your page for an easy-to-maintain personal website.
Coming soon...
The Matcha team is adding features regularly to help you connect with your network more intentionally.

The Whole You

Show off the real you.

With Matcha, you can showcase the topics, interests, side hustles that you want to chat about. This isn't a boring résumé... it's a way to uplevel every networking conversation.
Matcha for Individuals - the whole you

uplevel the conversation

Ensure you're having conversations that matter.

Whether through a community matching program or directly, Matcha makes it easy to see information about the people you want to meet – and start every conversation with mutual interest.
Matcha for Individuals - links matter

Make the most of your Network

Uncover opportunity in every chat..

Coming soon - Host small group mastermind sessions on topics you care about. Invite trusted peers to meet on a recurring basis to help you reach your goals. And more...
Matcha for Individuals - build your network

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Snag your custom profile page and start showing up like the rockstar you are.

Pricing & Plans

Pay monthly or yearly, and cancel at any time.


Get started any time.
  • Feature URLs
  • Basic Profile Analytics
  • Enhanced Profile Analytics
  • Custom Domain


Coming soon

This plan is currently not available but will be coming soon.

Real people, real connection

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Photo of Molly Kipnis

Matcha solves the pain point of not having a way to scale peer learning and also have folks self-serve into information and connections that interest them.

Molly Kipnis
Sr. Community Manager
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Social networks optimize for scalable audiences. Matcha optimizes for unscalable relationships.

Bolaji Oyajide
Marketing Leader
It all begins with you.Claim your Matcha profile to start showing up and connecting in a more intentional way.
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