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Matcha for Individuals

You’re more than just a résumé

Showcase what you’re working on and grow your network


This isn’t your company’s page.
It’s yours.

Now you can showcase everything you’re working on in one place – including those side hustles and passion projects.

The whole you
Showcase your well-rounded professional self - from your work experience to your passion projects.
Profile analytics
Get insights into who's checking you out - including location, referral source, clicks, and more.
LinkedIn import
Bring your LinkedIn history over with the click of a button, then customize what you want to show.
Feature URLs
Send folks directly to view a piece of your profile with specific links such as /experience.
Custom domain
Link any custom domain to your page for an easy-to-maintain personal website.
Coming soon...
The Matcha team is adding features regularly to bring you value - and more meaningful connections.

Step 1 - The Whole You

Show the world what you’re working on.

You are more than just your day job. Matcha is the perfect place to showcase your interests, side-hustles, passion projects, advisor jobs, and more. You choose which projects to highlight and - coming soon - monetize.
Matcha for Individuals - the whole you

Step 2 - Links Matter

Make it easy for others to see what you’re up to.

Matcha makes it easy to send links that just focuses on your experience, projects, or anything you want to highlight. Plus, with Matcha Premium, you can use any custom URL to turn your Matcha page into a simple, low-cost, easy-to-maintain personal website.
Matcha for Individuals - links matter

Step 3 - Build your Network

Discover and create valuable connections.

Coming soon, you’ll be able to network right from your Matcha profile. Discover people with relevant interests and connect seamlessly with Matcha’s built-in scheduling, video chat, and conversation prompts.
Matcha for Individuals - build your network

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Snag your custom profile page and start showing up like the rockstar you are.


Pricing & Plans

Pay monthly or yearly, and cancel at any time.
Two months free


Showcase your full professional self.
  • Feature URLs
  • Basic Profile Analytics
  • Enhanced Profile Analytics
  • Custom Domain
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Invest in growing connections and your network.
  • Feature URLs
  • Basic Profile Analytics
  • Enhanced Profile Analytics
  • Custom Domain

Showcase your full professional self

Hanna Larsson on Matcha
Startup & GTM Advisor & Builder 📈
Maren Erickson on Matcha
Brand Expert 🌙 Fly your sales
to the moon & find leads among the stars ✨
Ben Regier on Matcha
Community Builder,
USMC Veteran, Runner
Katrine Reddin on Matcha
Co-host of Ashley & Katrine’s
Infinite Revenue Playlist
It all begins with you.Claim your Matcha profile to start showing up and connecting in a more authentic way.
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