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Matcha is your new home for connection and networking. Share what you're looking to chat about, make connections with peers, and discover intentional serendipitea.
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It’s easy and affordable to launch matching programs based on interest, experience, location – you choose the criteria.
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Our Manifesto

We’re brewing something different here at Matcha

A space to showcase your full professional self, to grow, to connect, and to invest in intentional serendipity.

Let’s invest in connection

Photo of Mike Rizzo
Being involved in a community is often daunting. With Matcha, members enjoy meeting new people conveniently. There’s no better way to advance your career than with Matcha.
Mike Rizzo
CEO & Founder
Photo of Alex Hilleary
We’ve found 1:1s to be the best way to create real connections within our community, with Matcha being the easiest, most intuitive tool for matching the right kinds of people together.
Alex Hilleary
Community & Partnerships
Photo of Ashley Coghill
If it weren't for Matcha, I would never have met my podcast co-host. Matcha opens doors to so many professional and personal opportunities.
Ashley Coghill
Co-host @ Ashley & Katrine's Infinite Revenue Playlist
Photo of Adam Weber
Matcha helps people feel like they’re not alone in what can be a lonely job.
Adam Weber
Chief Evangelist
It all begins with you.Claim your Matcha profile to start showing up and connecting in a more authentic way.
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