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Matcha for Groups

Uplevel your community with peer-to-peer connection.

More engagement,
less work

Trusted by groups from 25 to 2,500

Easy-to-create matching programs.

Connect members based on interest, experience, location – or any criteria you choose. Then sit back and let Matcha do the work, with built-in scheduling, video chat, prompts, and analytics.

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Simple scheduling

No more calendar gymnastics! Matcha’s calendar sync detects availability and finds a time that works for everyone.

Once-off or recurring chats

Set connections up for a once-off virtual chat or recurring meetings at a cadence you choose.

Built-in video chat

Decentralized peer-to-peer video calling and state-of-the-art compression for low latency. Basically: crystal-clear, high-speed video.

Engagement data & analytics

Conversation prompts

Add conversation prompts or choose from our library of 200+ fun, thought-provoking questions. Or add your own!

Integrate with Slack

See member activity

Stay up to date with the connections taking place within your community.

Step 1 - Setting the Stage

Design your Matcha connection program

Create a unique program to connect your people based on in-depth criteria: role, team, location, interests, experience, goals, favorite color — it’s up to you! Set the match date and frequency, and add meeting prompts, or leave it to your team to choose their own.
Matcha for Groups - setting up connections programs

Step 2 - Gathering Your People

Invite members to the connection program

When you do, members will receive an opt-in link via email or Slack. From there, they'll be guided through personalizing their profiles and answering your networking questions. It won't take them more than a few minutes!
Matcha for Groups - invite your people

STEp 3 - Discover Matcha's magic

Members meet,
right on Matcha

This is where the magic happens. Program members can unplug from their daily chaos and take advantage of an opportunity to learn from a peer, get insight on a new project, talk about career growth, or just connect.
Matcha for Groups - discover Matcha's magic

Get Started for free

Snag your custom profile page today and create a matching program - any time.

Pricing & Plans

Pay monthly or yearly, and cancel at any time.
Two months free


Small communities and groups
  • 1 Active Networking Program
  • 1:1 Connections
  • Post-Meeting Surveys
  • Slack Integration
  • Advanced Insights
  • Advanced Algorithm
  • Personalized Assistance
50 Active Participants
Most Popular


For large communities and groups
  • Unlimited Active Networking Programs
  • 1:1 Connections
  • Post-Meeting Surveys
  • Slack Integration
  • Advanced Insights
  • Advanced Algorithm
  • Personalized Assistance

Looking for
something more?

Perhaps custom integrations, white labeling, or SOC2?

Real people, real connection

Photo of Alex Hilleary
Photo of Molly Kipnis

Matcha solves the pain point of not having a way to scale peer learning and also have folks self-serve into information and connections that interest them.

Molly Kipnis
Sr. Community Manager
Photo of Mike Rizzo
Photo of Tamara Grominksy

Being involved in a community is often daunting. With Matcha, members enjoy meeting new people conveniently. There’s no better way to advance your career than with Matcha.

Mike Rizzo
CEO & Founder
It all begins with you.Claim your Matcha profile to start showing up and connecting in a more intentional way.
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